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Problem Scenario 77 : You have been given MySQL DB with following details.
jdbc URL = jdbc:mysql://quickstart:3306/retail_db
Columns of order table : (orderid , order_date , order_customer_id, order_status)
Columns of ordeMtems table : (order_item_id , order_item_order_ld ,
order_item_product_id, order_item_quantity,order_item_subtotal,order_
Please accomplish following activities.
1. Copy "retail_db.orders" and "retail_db.order_items" table to hdfs in respective directory p92_orders and p92 order items .
2 . Join these data using orderid in Spark and Python
3 . Calculate total revenue perday and per order
4. Calculate total and average revenue for each date. - combineByKey
See the explanation for Step by Step Solution and configuration.
Solution :
Step 1 : Import Single table .
sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://quickstart:3306/retail_db -username=retail_dba - password=cloudera -table=orders --target-dir=p92_orders -m 1 sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://quickstart:3306/retail_db --username=retail_dba - password=cloudera -table=order_items --target-dir=p92_order_items -m1
Note : Please check you dont have space between before or after '=' sign. Sqoop uses the
MapReduce framework to copy data from RDBMS to hdfs
Step 2 : Read the data from one of the partition, created using above command, hadoop fs
-cat p92_orders/part-m-00000 hadoop fs -cat p92_order_items/part-m-00000
Step 3 : Load these above two directory as RDD using Spark and Python (Open pyspark terminal and do following). orders = sc.textFile("p92_orders") orderltems = sc.textFile("p92_order_items")
Step 4 : Convert RDD into key value as (orderjd as a key and rest of the values as a value)
# First value is orderjd
ordersKeyValue = orders.map(lambda line: (int(line.split(",")[0]), line))
# Second value as an Orderjd
orderltemsKeyValue = orderltems.map(lambda line: (int(line.split(",")[1]), line))
Step 5 : Join both the RDD using orderjd
joinedData = orderltemsKeyValue.join(ordersKeyValue)
#print the joined data
for line in joinedData.collect():
Format of joinedData as below.
[Orderld, 'All columns from orderltemsKeyValue', 'All columns from orders Key Value']
Step 6 : Now fetch selected values Orderld, Order date and amount collected on this order.
//Retruned row will contain ((order_date,order_id),amout_collected)
revenuePerDayPerOrder = joinedData.map(lambda row: ((row[1][1].split(M,M)[1],row[0]}, float(row[1][0].split(",")[4])))
#print the result
for line in revenuePerDayPerOrder.collect():
Step 7 : Now calculate total revenue perday and per order
A. Using reduceByKey
totalRevenuePerDayPerOrder = revenuePerDayPerOrder.reduceByKey(lambda
runningSum, value: runningSum + value)
for line in totalRevenuePerDayPerOrder.sortByKey().collect(): print(line)
#Generate data as (date, amount_collected) (Ignore ordeMd)
dateAndRevenueTuple = totalRevenuePerDayPerOrder.map(lambda line: (line[0][0], line[1])) for line in dateAndRevenueTuple.sortByKey().collect(): print(line)
Step 8 : Calculate total amount collected for each day. And also calculate number of days.
# Generate output as (Date, Total Revenue for date, total_number_of_dates)
# Line 1 : it will generate tuple (revenue, 1)
# Line 2 : Here, we will do summation for all revenues at the same time another counter to maintain number of records.
#Line 3 : Final function to merge all the combiner
totalRevenueAndTotalCount = dateAndRevenueTuple.combineByKey( \
lambda revenue: (revenue, 1), \
lambda revenueSumTuple, amount: (revenueSumTuple[0] + amount, revenueSumTuple[1]
+ 1), \
lambda tuplel, tuple2: (round(tuple1[0] + tuple2[0], 2}, tuple1[1] + tuple2[1]) \ for line in totalRevenueAndTotalCount.collect(): print(line)
Step 9 : Now calculate average for each date
averageRevenuePerDate = totalRevenueAndTotalCount.map(lambda threeElements:
(threeElements[0], threeElements[1][0]/threeElements[1][1]}}
for line in averageRevenuePerDate.collect(): print(line)
Step 10 : Using aggregateByKey
#line 1 : (Initialize both the value, revenue and count)
#line 2 : runningRevenueSumTuple (Its a tuple for total revenue and total record count for each date)
# line 3 : Summing all partitions revenue and count
totalRevenueAndTotalCount = dateAndRevenueTuple.aggregateByKey( \
(0,0), \
lambda runningRevenueSumTuple, revenue: (runningRevenueSumTuple[0] + revenue, runningRevenueSumTuple[1] + 1), \ lambda tupleOneRevenueAndCount, tupleTwoRevenueAndCount:
(tupleOneRevenueAndCount[0] + tupleTwoRevenueAndCount[0],
tupleOneRevenueAndCount[1] + tupleTwoRevenueAndCount[1]) \
for line in totalRevenueAndTotalCount.collect(): print(line)
Step 11 : Calculate the average revenue per date
averageRevenuePerDate = totalRevenueAndTotalCount.map(lambda threeElements:
(threeElements[0], threeElements[1][0]/threeElements[1][1]))
for line in averageRevenuePerDate.collect(): print(line)

Which of the following describes the practice of stateful multi-layer inspection?
A. Inspecting packets in all layers of the OSI/RM with a packet filter
B. Using a VLAN on a firewall to enable masquerading of private IP addresses
C. Using Quality of Service (QoS) on a proxy-oriented firewall
D. Prioritizing voice and video data to reduce congestion
Answer: A

What are two characteristics of a Service Resource when implementing web services? (Choose two.)
A. added manually to the PAR
B. added automatically to the PAR
C. used only for a single operation or endpoint
D. used for one or many operations or endpoints
Answer: A,D

Describe email design best practices. What are the 3 stages of interaction? (Choose 3)
A. Landing Page
B. Envelope
C. Body
D. Footer
E. Subject line
Answer: A,B,C